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Barrhaven 1 Tartan Drive, Unit #7
Ottawa, Ontario K2J 2W7
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We Help Our Students Gain Confidence In Their Learning Abilities and Improve Their School Performance/Grades. Come In For A Free Diagnostic Assessment!

The Lasting Benefits For Your Child

Commitment To Your Child

No matter what your reason for attending Eye Level, we are committed to providing your child with the most positive experience possible. This pervades everything we do, down to the program we select for your child, and their interaction with our thoroughly trained staff.

Eye Level Has The Best Curriculum Around

There is simply no competition when it comes to the quality of instruction and curriculum that you will find at Eye Level. We are the only centre worldwide who offer a Critical Thinking component as part of our Math program. Furthermore, our curriculum is developed in a way that allows children to make progress and proceed through levels.

Individualized Instruction

While our curriculum is developed structurally, each child is assessed individually. Our instructors tailor our curriculum by understanding each child’s abilities from their eye level. Our low student to teacher ratios allow us to give your child the attention they require.


About Eye Level

Eye Level originated in Korea nearly 40 years ago. More than 2 million school-age children are now enrolled worldwide. With our proactive learning method, we are a leading provider of supplemental education. The Eye Level approach is based on one key principle: the pace and perspective of our students. Their needs are taken into account by our highly qualified instructors, resulting in effective coaching and learning.


Eye Level can support achievement in school and beyond. Our Math and English programs are individualized, designed to nurture a lifelong passion for learning, critical thinking and empowered problem solving.


*Basic Thinking and Critical Thinking Math

*Reading and Writing Skills

*Low Student:Instructor Ratio

*Developing problem-solving skills




My daughter was having difficulty in English reading and writing skills so I was seeking help for her in these areas. Upon doing some research on tutoring places in Barrhaven, I came across Eye Level. It seemed like a very welcoming environment and they had 1 on 1 available which is what my daughter needed to give her a much needed confidence boost. She has now been enrolled at eye level for 4 months and I could not be happier with my decision to bring her there. Her confidence in reading has blossomed and she has moved into reading chapter books already! I love how the program is structured with work books to bring home to continue the learning process. I would highly recommend EyeLevel to anyone considering tutoring for their child of any age. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and Caroline always provides me with a detailed update of my daughter's progress every week! You can tell they really care!
--Amanda Gannon

We were looking for a program for my son who was in grade 4 and really struggling with his math. He had so little confidence in himself and nothing we tried could boost it. I researched some programs but none of them sounded as well structured and appealing as Eye Level. We loved that it was one class per week, the classrooms were so bright and each class had a maximum of four students. Our son has been in the program for almost 7 months now and his confidence was boosted from day one. It was easy for him at first but this was definitely by design. The workbooks are fantastic especially the critical thinking. Two weeks into grade 5 and my son's teacher told us he is showing how he got the answers and he never did that before. My husband and I are ecstatic! We highly recommend Eye Level - Caroline and her staff are truly amazing. The one on one teaching and interactive lessons really make all the difference. Caroline personally tracks each child's progression and keeps us updated regularly. We would encourage anyone whose child was struggling with math to give it a try.
--Susan Tighe

My daughter started the math program at Eye Level about 4 months ago and I am very impressed with her progress. Caroline, the owner of Eye Level, was right on when she said that we should start my daughter at a lower level to solidify her basic math skills. Within a month we started to see improvements in her marks at school. More importantly, her self esteem improved hand in hand with her improving math skills. She now loves math, especially the Critical Thinking curriculum at Eye Level part. To her, they are games, so I always try to keep the critical thinking booklets as a reward (and so far it's working!). Last month she even tried out for the Critical Thinking competition for US/Canada, and did very well. I intend to keep my daughter in the Eye Level program until she has caught up to her school grade, and maybe even surpassed a bit.
--F. Clement

Grade 5 didn't start out as exciting as the past school grades but with the help of Caroline and her awesome staff Grade 5 for my daughter is finishing off more enjoyable....Eye level helped rebuild Marissa's confidence and understanding of math in a fun, enthusiastic and positive manner. If she ever needs help in the future I will be turning to Caroline and her staff at Eye Level first! Thank you to everyone who rebuilt Marissa's confidence and love for math once again.
--Melinda Cannon

We’ve had a wonderful experience at the Eye-Level Center in Barrhaven! Coming from a Kumon experience, I wasn’t sure how this center would differ but I was pleasantly surprised. The center offers one hour in-class session and daily homework. Similar to Kumon however the low ratio class sizes allow for more personalized sessions and individual attention! Plus the math program includes a Critical Thinking component, which is essential for developing problem solving skills and best of all the kids enjoy going to the center. Caroline is a pleasure to work with, she is committed to the center and personally oversees the progress and development of her students.
--A. Omar

Our daughter and son participate in Eye Level’s Math and English programs, respectively. They have been doing it for four months, and we already start to see very positive and meaningful changes! The director and teachers in this centre are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about helping the kids with their studies and making it engaging for them. Both of our kids enjoy their one-hour-per-week lessons at the centre and really like their teachers. The director is a very positive, capable and likeable person, and she is attentive to and manages well the kids’ progress following the Eye Level curriculum. Our daughter especially likes the “critical thinking” part of the math program, and has also become very confident about this subject. Prior to joining this program, she told us that her math was not as good as her friends, now she tells us that math is one of her two most favorite subjects in school. Our son is in Senior Kindergarten, and the English program has given him an extra boost for learning how to read. Now he can read little books with simple sentences all by himself, and we can see he feels quite proud in being able to do that. His teacher told us that he is doing amazingly well in sounding words out in both English and French at school. As parents, we are very pleased to see the benefits these programs provide, instilling interest, discipline and confidence about learning in the kids. We’d like to thank the director and teachers in this centre for their wonderful work with the kids! We highly recommend this Eye Level centre!

Adil Ebrahim has been impressed by the Eye Level Math curriculum his son, Aaban, is studying. “I think that if a kid is good in Math, they are good in everything,” he said. Adil had tried other educational programs before but did not find them challenging enough. “I want to challenge my son so that he can go into a gifted program,” he shared. So far, Eye Level is offering Aaban that challenge but most importantly, he is actually enjoying learning. “He looks forward to going there,”

Huda enrolled her daughter, Jenna, in Eye Level’s English program and really likes how the learning materials are designed. “Every lesson comes in one booklet, so it is not overwhelming for children,” she explained, “They only see the amount of work they need to do for that week. The format is fun, colorful and easy to understand.” She appreciates Eye Level’s student-centred philosophy which she feels is demonstrated by how the instructors treat children. “They truly understand they are working with children,” she explained, “By that I mean, speaking with them at their level, getting to know their students, what they like and don't like in order to tailor the lesson to each child's needs. They don't judge or reprimand. In contrast, they are very encouraging and eager to make the lesson as fun as possible.” The centre has also supported her as a parent. “The owner and instructor took the time to listen to my concerns and what has failed previously with my daughter and that has made all the difference,” she shared. “My daughter never liked homework,” she shared, “For once, she actually loves to do her homework. She reminds me that it is time to work on it. It's only about 3 pages a day or 15 minutes. She loves the challenges, the puzzles and impressing her teacher.”


Contact Information

Eye Level Learning Center of Barrhaven
1 Tartan Drive, Unit#7
Ottawa, Ontario, K2J 2W7

E      barrhaven@myeyelevel.com
T      613-825-2100

Hours Of Operation

By Appointment
3:30PM - 8:30PM
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9:00AM - 3:00PM


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